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One Fine Day

This morning (24/08/02019) at the Presteigne Festival, I talked for the first time about my new project, which is called, as you might have guessed, One Fine Day. So It seemed an appropriate moment...


What I am wearing

My hair shaven short, by design, though shaped by cruel circumstance. One of two pairs of bespoke Anglo-American spectacles, each identical in shape, but different in colour; a black frame for distance, and a...


Greggs vs. Growth.

This is Sir Michael Darrington. If anybody knows anything about growth, it’s him, because for over 20 years he ran Greggs, to whose products I owe a great deal of my personal growth –...


Time to get over it

Well, ‘Something of the Night’ has gone to the typesetters, so soon I’ll be correcting the proofs. From now on in the process, changes have to be kept to a minimum, so I’ve had...


Sometime Around Midnight.

Today, I’m sitting around thinking about time. In our day, of course, time fell wanking to the floor, but was nevertheless on our side. Now it seems to gallop by. In horse racing terms,...


Moped Lads

I’m not sure that I’m supposed to give away what future shows in the Radio Four series ‘The Completists‘ are actually about… but here’s some oblique clues as to the subject of the next...

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