Category: Driving


Moped Lads

I’m not sure that I’m supposed to give away what future shows in the Radio Four series ‘The Completists‘ are actually about… but here’s some oblique clues as to the subject of the next...


On the road again

Sadly, I won’t be able to watch tonight’s final Prime Ministerial debate, as I’m doing a Your Dad gig in Lancaster. And then I’m going to spend the night hanging out at Killington Lake...


Dreadful Old Man

When old Perry Venus and I were out doing The Longest Crawl, we met a lot of lovely people. One rosy-cheeked old gentleman who we met in a Worcestershire cherry orchard could not have...


Funeral for a friend

Yesterday, I went down to Newbury for John Fairfax‘s funeral. John Moat gave the funny and almost unbearably poignant opening tribute. Moat and Fairfax were Arvon‘s co-founders, and were best pals for almost as...

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