Ian’s FACup Challenge, 3rd Qualifying Round Report

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  1. Bernie Bell says:

    ‘Bunk band’? finger slippage!

  2. Bernie Bell says:

    You’re in m’blog again….



    I’ve finished the book, and it brought back memories – general and personal – good writing does that.

    Remembering Lampeter times. Remembering when I worked in Aberystwyth UBO ( very briefly) in the 80’s and Personal Issue claimants had addresses such as ‘The blue bender’ or ‘The red tepee’ Llangybi Common.

    Very much dog-on-a-rope people. Mostly OK to deal with – some head-cases – LIFE.

    Your writing is full of life. One of Mike’s colleagues was leaving to take up a new job so we bought ‘A Hero For High Times’ for him as he would have liked to be there – a bit too young. Here in Orkney he was in a Bunk band called The Dirty Rotter’s – he’ll lap up your tales. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3z_rxw12vP0

    Keep on keeping on Ian – write as long as you feel like it and feel able to. Ah, dooooo

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