Glasson Dock Yacht Rock

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  1. Mark Fitchew says:

    Went on the bus through Glasson Dock once (in 2010!) Felt like it was a piece of Cornwall that had moved ‘oop North!’

  2. Noel Cass says:

    There was not enough about yachts in this post. Allow me to help. The little yacht tied up two abreast in the sea lock in the middle of your picture there is a Westerly 22 – the first yacht designed by the company and a perfect beginner family cruiser. Despite its tiny size (22ft, obviously), it has 4 berths, a broad beam for stability, a high enough cabin to stand in, and the low-maintenance fibre-glass hull is about twice as thick as it really needs to be (a common issue in early fibre-glass yachts), meaning that it would be very difficult to put a hole in it. Ideal for coastal cruising, some have even been raced across the Atlantic. It has a bilge-keel, meaning that it can ‘dry out’ on the sands without falling over, unless like the ketch stranded in the Lune 5 minutes away, it gets shifted into a gap between sandbanks in a storm! The example in your photo has backstays, meaning that it has probably been converted from its original gunter rig to a bermuda, which slightly lowers its charm, for me.

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