Category: Traditions


One Fine Day

This morning (24/08/02019) at the Presteigne Festival, I talked for the first time about my new project, which is called, as you might have guessed, One Fine Day. So It seemed an appropriate moment...


Solar Eye

It’s not often that I do any product placement on m’blog, but for my great friend Pete Smith, and for the rather wonderful Solar Eye, I’m happy to make an exception. Pete the Blacksmith...


Funeral for a friend

Yesterday, I went down to Newbury for John Fairfax‘s funeral. John Moat gave the funny and almost unbearably poignant opening tribute. Moat and Fairfax were Arvon‘s co-founders, and were best pals for almost as...


Solstice at Stonehenge

Well, that was a remarkable night. I drove from Presteigne down to Stonehenge, arriving on the stroke of midnight; and quickly realised that I had blundered horribly by not taking a torch. You would...

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