Second Qualifying Round report

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  1. Em Smith says:

    Elda’s is indeed a good coffee house. 🙂
    Waiting for pay day and I’ll bung a few quid in the fund.
    I like the idea of you going to football AND getting to eat a pie. Life is for living!

  2. Bob says:

    I see it has, and that Boston are away to Basford United, somewhere north of Nottingham. on October 1st, which is – heavens – this Saturday. It sounds like the kind of place where hopes and dreams go to die, but don’t ask me why.

  3. Bob says:

    A splendid read. Has the draw for the next round been made?

  4. Bernie Bell says:

    You’re in m’blog again……

    I’m hoping this will generate some donations for Marchant’s Macmillan Pie Appeal.

    I’ll go away now…for now…

  5. Martin Laux says:

    Another enjoyable read

  6. Bernie Bell says:

    Hello again
    I tell myself that you needn’t post it if you don’t want to.
    I’m reading ‘A Hero for High Times’ – the bit about losing yourself in a place which is familiar, and then re-finding.
    What happened to me & Mike isn’t quite the same as what you write of – we went to a city which was very familiar to both of us and got completely lost as huge areas of it had been flattened and re-built with a completely different lay-out.
    We decided to just follow a road until we came to something familiar and take it from there, which is what we did, and it worked for us. Here’s the tale…

  7. Dave Evans says:

    No mention of Boston’s biggest fan the magnificent JVT!!

  8. Julian de la Motte Harrison says:

    Truly sterling stuff, Ian. You are a man with a mission, one intent to see it out – whatever the cost. In spirit I am eating those pies with you, enjoy the next encounter.

  9. Bernie Bell says:

    The other thing, if you write anything for the public to read – is that you need to have or get a thick skin.

    I’m not a writer – I just jibber-jabber – previously in The Orkney News, now on m’blog – but I can honestly say that writing for TON taught me not to take word-barbs to heart.

    Criticism – fair enough, but often it isn’t clear criticism – it’s just plain naaaasty.

    I learnt to not let it bother me, and to write what I wanted to. Answered the gripers if I felt they were worth answering, if not – not.

    Good to see the veggie pies – I was veggie for decades – Orkney fish ‘turned’ me. Still don’t eat meat though. I know, I know…..

    Husband Mike ate anything that didn’t fight back, until we got a new neighbour who has pigs, which had piglets. Mike got to know the pigs, and as he now says….”You can’t look a pig in the eye and say ‘I’m going to eat you.”

    Keep on keeping on, Ian.

    I have zero interest in football…but I likes pies.

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