Category: Philosophy


First Qualifying Round Report

September 3rd, 2022, Emirates FACup First Qualifying Round, Trade Tyres Community Stadium, Brownfields Road, Lichfield. Lichfield City 2, Stourport Swifts 2. Att. 162 September 6th, 2022, Emirates FACup First Qualifying Round Replay, Walshes Meadow,...


Ras Tafari in Botolph St.Otto

              Spume has just sent me this photo of His Imperial Majesty Haille Selassie visiting Botolph St Otto in 1939. Spume is on the far right, aged 16...


Stoned man finds God shock.

I’ve been looking through some old stuff, and I found this little bit from what was part of my notes for The Fool’s Errand, which is my answer to ‘Smile’ or ‘The Teenage Opera’ ...

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