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  1. Pam says:

    Thanks for posting this Ian. Your words (and those of others) were so right on the day so it is good to read them again. Pamx

  2. Dave says:

    You’ve spoken with great heart, Ian, and I think Chas’ passing has made a significant mark on everybody who knew him. He was a friend of mine and a friend to me; I will miss the long, discursive phone conversations and surprise visits; the memories of nights getting ridiculously stoned and, in the dawn light, finding that we had made half-a-dozen mixtapes (that long ago) of the most astounding variety; the way he brought a playscript alive; the arguments we would have about literature and philosophy; the sharp humour we both employed when discussing religion, particularly the way he laughed like a drain when one of the premies from Misfit City tried to induct me; the wild week we spent at Glastonbury when we were producing the Glastonbury Global along with Pete Mustell and several other old freaks. You’re right: too much to remember, too much to say, too much to write. ‘Night, Chas. Take It Easy.

  3. Anne Downes says:

    Dear Ian
    Thank you so much for posting this. I wish I could have been there.

  4. dennis says:


  5. Welsh Ian says:

    Thank you so much for all you did Ian. I’m also indebted to all of Chas’ friends – especially those who looked after him It was lovely meeting you all even under the circumstances. It’s 30 years this month that I first met Chas at the uni. I will miss him

  6. Bill Lloyd says:

    Thanks Ian,

    for celebrating the life of Chas, and for posting the Eulogy. Your remarks about the Book of Common Prayer struck a chord – I had planned to read a passage dealing with mourning, from the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, (Dowling, 1908) but decided against it because Chas was Premi, not Christian. I should have followed your example, and my convictions, and let the piece speak for iotself, so I have copied the text below.

    Why would you cry?
    Tears cannot conquer grief,
    Grief cannot mend a broken heart.

    Grief is a form of emptiness, of inactivity;
    A generous heart can never be broken –
    It is always busy, and has no time to spare.

    When grief pierces your heart, simply lose yourself.
    Dive deeply into the ministry of love
    and grief will be no more.

    The ministry of love belongs to you,
    and the whole world weeps for want of it.

    Leave the past with the past
    Lift yourself above your cares and worries
    and give your life and your love to the living.

    And, if you should lose your life serving life itself,
    you will find the morning sun for certain,
    and the evening dew, and birdsong and the starry night.
    Your grief and earthly cares will soon dissolve.

    So, try and be satisfied,
    and love will come to you one day
    and bring you gifts richer than gold or precious stones.

    We are together all our days.

  7. Oli says:

    Hi Ian
    Thank you, beautiful words. It was hard missing the weekend.
    I had a gig at the Royal Opera house and i know Chas would have said do it. I became very close to Chas in his last five years, we shared Music, ideas and he re introduced me to Prem Rewat. When I visited him a month ago he was so ill and tired, I told him I was to receive Knowledge his face lit up.. “Darling!”. He gave me so much encouragement and inspiration on all levels. Thankyou for giving him what sounds like a wonderful send off.I Hope to meet you some time.. Love.. Oli

  8. Ric. says:

    Dear Ian, thank you. X

  9. Helen Fry says:

    Thank you so much for posting this Ian, it is great to read it, and be touched again by the many gems it contains, and feel again the warm sunshine and the breeze, and the vibrant colours of Chas’ resting place.You held the ceremony with great presence,dignity and charm. May Chas indeed be blessed by the loving universe and be at one, and at peace.
    Helen x

  10. Roger's rap. says:

    That was beautiful.

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