J.L. Carr and Stocken Farm

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  1. Dan says:

    Impressive story, nicely told too Ian. I hope you can update when you have found out which side of the border the field is on. I think you can be confident that you have solved this.

    Reminds me that the film of A Month in the Country was one of my favourites from my mid 80s teenage years

  2. David Stanton says:

    One of my favourite books. I reread it every 2-3 years and have “googled’ Stocken. Presteigne every time for the past 8(?) years. Now I have an answer. Thank you very much

  3. ruth white says:

    HI We now live at Stocken Farm – but I still dont know whether the top orchard is in herefordshire or radnorshire!

  4. Ashley Nunn says:

    Just reread A Month in the Country after quite a few years and still love it. I went to school in Kettering, and have always been a JLC fan. I now live about 3 miles from Presteigne and have just Googled Stocken, after noticing the mention at the conclusion of the story,and found this. I shall hunt the farm out. I did speak to JLC briefly on the phone when ordering books for Ottakar’s in Hereford, asking him to sign a book for me but, as is the way, was too shy really to tell him too much of how I admired his work.

  5. Gareth B says:

    Just finished re-reading one of my favourite books A Month In The Country, for the umpteenth time, and came here after a google search. Fascinating, thanks for your detective work! Recently visited the church they used for the filming in Radnage, worth a visit if you’re in the area.

  6. Jennie B. says:

    I have just read ‘A Month in the Country’ for the first time and really enjoyed it. I think the review I came across was in the Waitrose newspaper last month and I ordered the book from my local library. I am pleased to find the description of Stocken Farm here as it is an interesting story. Thank you for making notes about it.

  7. Olive Bennewith says:

    Thank you for passing on the results of your research. I live in Knighton and am a member of two book groups. Coincidentally, this month’s book for both groups is A Month in the Country. It is a really beautiful book.

  8. Olive Bennewith says:

    Thank you for this. I live in Knighton and have just read A Month in The Country as the book of the month for a local book group. We all loved the book and members of the group were intrigued to hear the results of your investigations.

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