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Ras Tafari in Botolph St.Otto

              Spume has just sent me this photo of His Imperial Majesty Haille Selassie visiting Botolph St Otto in 1939. Spume is on the far right, aged 16...


I’ve had my chips

The combination of our first wedding anniversary with some teaching in that London for the National Academy of Writing meant that my wife and I were looking for something fun to do in the...


I’d love a bit of Green

I enjoyed watching these two six sided squares discussing the legalisation of drugs today. In principle I’m with Bob Ainsworth, as you might imagine. There are so many great reasons for legalisation, I hardly...


Arvon Blog Visitors

Hello! We are looking at my blog! …which was my shortest, and, I like to imagine, shittest post ever, outdoing by far the poll where I asked people to choose between Uriah Heep and...


This whole Oz and James thing

Well, I guess it has to be addressed; is it feasible that somebody read ‘The Longest Crawl’ and then projected the idea onto the hilarious duo? Well; yes it is. Even the graphics showing...

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