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Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome

Hello and welcome to new rage webpage! It combine blog and webpage! For many week Perry work on it! Me too! Now Perry go on holiday! And I move house! Broadband not so good!...



That’s how things are at the moment! Working like a dog on the new book, BCU, Radio Four, etc etc. , so no time to blog at present. But Spume writes to say that...


Jolly exciting developments

Probably. I haven’t blogged properly for a while, because there doesn’t seem much point, since old Perry Venus is working on a revamp of my site. It’s to become a ‘self-hosted’ blog, and although...


Microsoft Launch Party Poll

Please have a look at this You Tube clip promoting the idea of launch parties for Windows Seven, and then consider your answer to the poll. We will be forwarding the results to Microsoft....



Not really an entry, as such, but another link which I felt my readers must see… The Headhunters Railway Museum and Barbers Shop in Enniskillen. Who amongst you will be able to resist the...


Should I have listened? (An experiment)

Rushing around this morning getting ready to give a talk at Coventry University tomorrow, I thought I might try and post a poll, for no other reason than you can post polls on Word...

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