How indeed…


This is a first pass in some haste to say hello to you, subscribers, regular visitors, victims of search engines (North/South divide? Tit-rub?) etc to the new look website.

This is the fifth full make-over that Perry Venus has done since we started doing this web site thirteen years ago.

It’s to go before the new book, which is still in progress, and I hope people like it. The colours are from Peter Blake’s ‘Babe Rainbow’, the jumble of graphics at the top of the page from a number of early passes at the book cover by a very well-loved book designer, the head of me from the hilariously named Parade of the Sun, Sheep Music 2007, the Spotify feed is back up to twenty and working more efficiently, fonts changed, headers and titles bouffed up, and a few ads in the side bars; the link to my books on Amazon at the top, but other ads tucked away at the bottom.

I’ll write more in a few days about why it’s called ‘How to Get Your Head Together in The Country’; I’d do it now, but I’m off to the launch of a wooden narrowboat in Ashton-under-Lyne in the morning. Meanwhile, here’s some Brinsley Schwarz, living at this time under communal circumstances in Kent.; and operating as stalwarts of the Free Festival scene . Their house was called ‘Downhome, which is exactly where I’m hoping this here blog/website/radio station etc. is  heading. Please keep coming for the ride.

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