Constitutionally odd

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  1. D Owen says:

    Ah Leominster. Lovely place. I wonder if the Barclays Bank manager ever lent you any money? My cousin was the manager for no less than 18 years. Some ambition eh? I never REALLY believed there was such a thing as The Test Card Circle, even though a pal of mine In Edinburgh claimed to be involved.Now I know he isnt mad.

  2. Barbara says:

    And I thought you were making it up!

  3. Pete Sanders says:

    Ahh, België. Yes, I have been for three days every year for at least 10 years to a psychiatric hospital in Gent. (Another story, in which I can wax lyrical about the wonderful staff, lovely grounds and excellent food in the hospital canteen.) Brussels is OK-ish, but a bit less flemish that I have grown to like. Flanders is a great place to visit. Gent and Antwerp especially. And the beer is bloody brilliant.[End of Flanders Tourist Board announcement.]

  4. Ian Marchant says:

    Oof. It was only after we’d taken the tram that we worked out we’d been following the map for the Metro. Very psycho-geographical…

  5. Caroline says:

    As they say, “you can’t make it up”!

    All that three language thing seemed to mean that there was no money left over for colour on the Brussels transport maps which made them very surreal and near impossible to distinguish between trams and trains. I very nearly became a shout girl that day!

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