Jules Dicken, Mr. Moonshake

How did I meet Julian Dicken, my genius collaborator, you ask? Pretty much, as a child. He’s the son of a couple of pals of mine from Lancaster, the musician Ian Dicken, and the photographer Pauline Clark. This is why I describe him as my ‘nephew’, and my favourite nephew at that; because it used to be the case that you would call your parents friends Uncle and Auntie!

I’ve been pals with the several members of The Lovely Eggs since I don’t know when. A few years ago, I saw some graphics that Jules had done for the band, which blew my tiny whatevs.

When Vintage asked who I wanted to do the cover for ‘A Hero For High Times’, I at once thought of Jules; it became my favourite cover… until One Fine Day.

So when it occured to me to illustrate my new book, ‘One Fine Day’, Jules was the only person I approached. I hope readers like them as well as I do.

You can see more of Julian’s work through his instagram account


And you can buy his work through Bandcamp… write to him and nag him to get an Etsy Shop or something, which would be much more sensible!


You can contact him via email; moonshakedesign@gmail.com

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