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Glasson Dock Yacht Rock

I’ve never posted a link to this stuff before, mostly because although this website is almost 20 years old, I’ve always been slow on the uptake, even as I’ve been ahead of the curve....


One Fine Day

This morning (24/08/02019) at the Presteigne Festival, I talked for the first time about my new project, which is called, as you might have guessed, One Fine Day. So It seemed an appropriate moment...


Mood Index album on You Tube

My lovely step-daughter, Miss Victoria Mason, has undertaken to upload the Mood Index album from 1997, ‘Lino Women and Song’ onto You Tube. This is the first track she did….  


The Zep and I

Never been that bothered about the Zep, and I could do with some advice from those who were down with the whole big-haired squeeky voiced cod-Crowleyian ting. In m’new book, ‘Something of the Night’,...


Looking for Albert (and Kate)

It’s a funny old world, and no mistake. This week I sent out a call on Facebook for help in my quest to get in touch with Kate Bush. I’m a long time fan;...

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