The Zep and I

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  1. Micheal says:

    Consensus seems to be train noises.
    Better than Zep anyway

  2. Dan says:

    Indeed Graham – at my local station on the Eastbouren line the staff wanted me to do the same – very cagey when I insisted I wanted an Advane ticket (they are required by the regulator to sell all tickets) – I presume they are not trained any longer so want to push sales on line. As you say it is a career suicide for their own jobs.

    On line cheaper tickets are only a £ or so cheaper when the train operator gives an on line discount – which many do not do so anyway.

    Southern are very poor in this regard

  3. Micheal says:

    Whole lotta led

  4. Graham says:

    In its own way Dan, the whole town of Newhaven IS INDEED a cruise terminal of sorts. Not that most of the outside world would see things that way. It’s all down to perception. And chemical intake.
    I went into the ticket office at the town station the other day to ask about tickets to Gatwick and was immediately advised to go online as I’d get a better deal there.
    Career suicide anyone?
    Been a long time since I rock an’ ro-o-olled

  5. Dan says:

    Off topic obviously but the picture might legitimise it – and I thought you migth be interested.

    Browsing for Information on the Southern website (you know, trains from Victoria that sort of thing) – I saw a user forum contributor ask if (not quite a quote) ‘they could permit the Ghost Train to Newhaven Marine that runs each night circa 7pm from Lewes to be permitted to carry passengers as sometimes the connection from London to an earlier Seaford train is missed’ – Southern responded that they could – although it will not show in the next printed timetable.

    I thought this was interesting (nearly wrote ‘exciting’ but stopped myslef at the last minute) – indicating that Newhaven Marine still has a ghost train, and that one might be able to catch it for all or part of the trip (and maybe stow away for the last short leg to Newhaven Marine).

    I wonder if Newhaven could become a cruise terminal – if so this station could have a new lease of life (maybe by installing a Ritazza Coffee machine?) in such circs.

    Officialdom would probably manage to close the station just weeks before the 1st cruise ship arrived….

    Though you migth want to know this info anyway.

    Exciting news

  6. Graham says:

    Ah Ian. Do you remember a room in Newhaven in 1977? On one wall was a poster of Johhny & Sid, gobbing on life, and on the wall opposite were Jimmy and Robert, sneering across at the young ones. We were at a cultural junction then, and didn’t we know it.

    Don’t know anything about streaming and all that stuff.

    Oh, and many congratulations.

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