What it says on the card…

I like very much the idea that the Chinese are to be invited to put a few bob into Europe’s hat in order to solve the ‘Eurozone’ crisis, and have an image of what the meeting where they decide whether or not to chip in might be like.

One of the members of the commitee stands up and says, (in Chinese, obviously),

“Lads, I’ve been looking at my party card.”

The other members of the commitee get theirs out and look.

“You know the bit where it says Communist Party?”

The commitee members nod.

‘Well, I’ve looked it up on the interweb. Apparently, we were started up by people who followed this bloke called Karl Marx?’

The commitee members shrug.

‘And, er, well, apparently he was out to destroy capitalism.’

The commitee members look surprised.

‘So, I guess, strictly speaking, we should vote against propping it up?’

One of the other members chips in.

“Or, we could change the name of the party?”

But the commitee feel that that would cause a lot of bother and expense, as they’d have to reprint all the cards. So, albeit reluctantly, they vote

7 Responses

  1. Corrado Pirovano says:

    Capitalist and communism are two faces of the same medal, that is the industrialism.So, we have to change the medal, not the faces..

  2. Ian Marchant says:

    You must have been chucked out of the YCP forty-five years or more ago, Chas, and yet you still have the jargon at your finger tips. Unlike the Chinese…

  3. Chas Ambler says:

    When I was in the Communist Party they were against the common market but my position (as a Marxist) was that anything that accelerated the consolidation of capitalism and tended towards the hegemony of monopoly capitalism – the last stage, according to Marx – was to be welcomed. I was expelled soon after that. However, this is obviously the thinking of the politbureau of China, as true Marxists and the vanguard of the working class of the world.

  4. Hilary Marchant says:

    Bob just beat me to it there, so I’ll say the other thing I was going to say, which was that given the current state of things I expect the European leaders would be pathetically grateful if the answer did turn out to be bobble-hat or goldfish.

  5. Bob says:

    ‘Fewer’ irregular verbs…

  6. Ian Marchant says:

    Less irregular verbs. Anyway, I’m kind of hoping that this character means ‘no’. It might mean ‘goldfish’ or ‘bobble-hat.’

  7. Hilary Marchant says:

    Your Mandarin is coming along better than your French…

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