Good weekend so far, touch wood.

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  1. Catherine says:

    Shockingly, we don’t have an actual proper books-only bookshop in Lewes any more – we lost our last proper one, Cliffe Books, in the floods (although we have lots of very good second-hand bookshops). Happily a lovely shop called Skylark in the Needlemakers Centre, run by the lovely Matt, has a great books section, and I’m going to ask them to order your new book for me, Ian. And congratulations.

  2. Dan says:

    Thanks Ian – that is a date to note.

    I presume those discount bookstores don’t really count as having a bookshop in a town, if you are a writer anyway?

    Presume Lewes has a book outlet or two – it’s the kind of place where they might still exist. I’d be shocked if they don’t.

    Luckily (?) I’m quite close to a w-stones – although I am sure they are as down on unions as Amazon. I may try to order via an indy book shop (in the interests of ideological purity, you’ll understand….)

  3. Graham says:

    I’ll be there…waiting…mostly…(not from 12-17 Jan though)…I hope…

  4. Ian Marchant says:

    Thank you m’chums. Dan is all too hideously aware of the state of Newhaven’s bookshops, I’m sure. Release date is 5th January; you could order from a bookshop, Dan. And I might pop in and sign yours Graham…. in the New Year, I hope….

  5. Graham says:

    Whereas I have it pre-ordered from Amazon. Because we don’t have bookshops in some towns….

  6. Dan says:

    When will it be in the shops Ian? (you know the proper shops where they take cash – I don’t do Amazon – think it is because they are not keen on unions – in fact are actively anti trade union I suspect – as they know the comrades could hit their business model hard)

  7. Jemma says:

    Loved the show on Radio Three Ian. Well done.

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