Why get your head together in the country?

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  1. Eric Ludlow says:

    Sending me free signed copies of every book you ever publish in future should just about expiate the sin…

  2. Ian Marchant says:

    *holds head in hands* I know…. I know… I’m sorry *sobs*

  3. Eric Ludlow says:

    This has nothing to do with the blog entry above. but I can find no other way of contacting you. I’m re-reading The Longest Crawl, which on second reading is as good as the first – no mean feat in my view. But it has one horrible, hideous, bowel-loosening fault. Which of course you won’t mind me pointing out…

    …alcohol content. You persist in saying that a drink is #% proof [going up to 130% proof at one point for navy rum]. Sorry, but schoolboy error. Alcoholic beverages are EITHER so many degrees proof [based on the volatility of the liquid in gunpowder, as any fule no] OR contain a % of alcohol by volume. Combining the two is akin to saying that a car does 16 litres to the gallon. Or that you are 14 stones tall.

    Considering the boozy erudition otherwise displayed in TLC, the error stands out like a teetotaller at a beer festival. Please tell me you have corrected it in later editions.

  4. Graham says:

    Ian my love, I’m well impressed with the new look. It’s very kind of you to pimp my site up on the left hand side there, just where the Dutchie’s been presumably passed, but I have a new address. I deleted the old one in an act of celebration.
    If you want to find me, I’m now at {grampiegate.wordpress.com}.

    Talking of country as you were, and going off at a tangent as I am, I donated my entire vinyl record collection (yes! all of it!) to my nephew a wee while back. I’m still listening to some of the old stuff but also listening to some good new girls, and I’ve been turning Doyley onto Eleni Mandell and Caitlin Rose, both of whom I recommend to you if you haven’t heard them yet, and even some Mozart and Beethoven.

    I was chatting with your country cousin Roger just the other week. Small old world, isn’t it?

  5. Dan says:

    Very off topic – but I have just got back from bookshop browsing to see that The Railway Travellers Handy Book seems to have been republished. I seem to recall you sought to raise its profile in your own work – perhaps you knew this already but never mind.

    I enjoyed living in the country – where I grew up lots of derelict tractors to mess about on – all lethal no doubt but there we are

  6. Ian Marchant says:

    If you feel country, you ARE country!

  7. Nafisa says:

    my ancestors were farmers and country folk and I like to think of myself as country folk too. Alas, my ancestors and I live(d) in separate countries so perhaps my claim is rather tenuous at best. Did live for a bit in Wales though. T’was lovely there.

    P.S. nice song choice 🙂

  8. Ian Marchant says:

    Yes. Right on the outskirts of Llandewi. None of us were the only gay in the village. I think.

  9. Even living in Lampeter was too much; we yielded to an irresistible urge to go FURTHER into the country. 12 miles deeper and we were on the outskirts of sleepy Llandewi Brefi.

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