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  1. Ian Gates says:

    Fascinating stuff! I grew up in Hurstpierpoint, and I believe that several generations of forebears on my father’s side did likewise, but I’ve never had the patience to research it any further back than my granfather, George Gates, who was born there in 1885. As you imply, the place has lost much of the character it had even as recently as the 50s, because of suburbanisation and gentrification, but it’s still wonderful, in.a glorious setting, and will always be ‘home’ to me.

  2. Gordon lewis says:

    Just found out I’m a relative of Marchants I live in Durham

  3. Anthony Marchant says:

    Came across your blog while researching my family history
    Elkanah was my great great grandad
    Do you have any more details you might share with me please

  4. Graham says:

    Is that any way to speak to a forebear Ian? Trouble is, if you’d been born rich and dull you wouldn’t have enjoyed the thrill of blowing your inherited wealth, you’d have safeguarded it for the kiddies, and then died kicking yourself because you hadn’t spunked away the family fortune…that’s what I reckon anyway.
    Sorry I missed you the other week, but I was away with my beloved, paying homage to Jan Hus and David Cerny and celebrating the inventor of the Great Central European Sausage in the only way possible.

  5. Dan says:

    A nice and interesting update to the site after a long break – very much enjoyed the read.

    Dan (Lucas) – not known to be related to EV Lucas ‘Highways and Byways of Sussex’ – but then again I’ve not looked into it…

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