Why I’ve (re) joined the Greens.

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  1. Thank you Rob. I think we never got the questions up!

  2. robjlinds says:

    Welcome back to the Green Party Ian. I loved your book: “The Longest Crawl” and have just found this your website after re-reading your book. Funnily enough I was looking for your list of pub quiz questions because I’m organising a quiz night for our local Green Party in Suffolk. Happy new year.

  3. Serena Fay says:

    The people acted….. kind of… Leominster Green Party facebook page has news of one up the backside for a certain IP…. (and we need people… footleather… for working on other wards next spring including Kington ward which is thought a possible)

  4. Ian Marchant says:

    They (we) might have been a party of protest in 1989 (when thanks to the electoral system we got no seats), but I don’t think so anymore. I think the tide of disgust at the way we are forced to live is rising. And the Labour Party are losing members to the Greens (as are the LibDems of course), because they can no longer see what principles Labour is standing up for.

  5. Tim Bancroft says:

    You seem to be suggesting that the Greens are the new Labour Party. Were they not what UKIP is now – a party of protest gaining loads of seats in Euro-elections as an expression of dissatisfaction?

    (I’m not sure I should mention their subsequent performance in UK elections.)

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