It’s only natural to feel awkward, Mr Farage.

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  1. Lola Senft says:

    Thanks for the information

  2. Bernie Bell says:

    Mr. Ferengi is only 50 years old? I thought he was older.
    You’re right, though – poor thing – What’s it like to feel, how he looks?

  3. chas ambler says:

    A real leader of the left like… Lenin… Stalin… Mao … Pol Pot – wotcha parking meters

  4. Dan says:

    When I heard the report of Mr Farages’ train journey the 1st thing that came to my mind was Enoch Powell’s widow as described in his infamous speech. Of which some further info here

    I wondered if he had ever been on the train concerend?

    Mind you – it may simply be that the reserve of the English speaker meant they were just not talking…

    Did he not hear the endless drivel from the automatic recorded announcements?

  5. katie wilson says:

    Hi Ian,
    Apologies for contacting you on your blog, my name is Kate and I’m currently making a documentary about commuting for C5. I noticed an article you had written for the Metro and wanted to have a quick chat with you if possible? My e-mail address is: – Many thanks

  6. Ivan Jordan says:

    Decent bit of writing on the internet shock.

    Farage is a politician, and therefore will be careful to tell his audience exactly what they want to hear. I await the squirming revision of his comment for broader consumption, but in the meantime he has confirmed the three “r”s of UKIP – reactionary, racist and repellent.

    I think you have humanised him and them, which is a good thing, by pointing out that it is driven by a fear of change. Change that has already happened, thank God. They will not turn the clock back.

    But by God the Labour party need to show some courage. Dancing to UKIPs tune on immigration is a disgrace. Oh for a real leader of the left.

  7. Marcus Moore says:

    Thanks for this valuable perspective, Ian.

    I wonder if Nigel Farage is fearful of staring at his fears in the mirror… for his whole ‘life-was-wonderful-when’ thing seems rooted in an emotional need to blame others for shattering a fantasy world: a domain of childishness that many strutting males are incapable of examining objectively.

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