Carr’s Herefordshire, with extras….

This is JL Carr’s map of Herefordshire (taken in a winter window, so there’s a bit of glare.)

Readers of this blog will remember the post earlier this year, where I wrote about solving the mystery of why JL Carr’s ‘A Month in the Country’ signs off with the words, ‘Stocken, Presteigne, 1978.’ Mr Danny Powell, who grew up at Stocken and lived there for most of his life, told me that he remembered the map-maker who had stayed in their orchard; and that, furthermore, he had given his family a copy of the map. This is Mr Powell’s copy, which he has been kind enough to lend me.


In the bottom right-hand corner, at about 5.30, next to Carr’s signature, you can see the words ‘…and thank you for the damsons and the pleasure of a fortnight in your field.’ (which leads me to assume he was there in September)

 And, in the top left-hand corner, at about 11.00, a hand-drawn picture of Stocken, which doesn’t appear on the published map.

 It has been a real privilege to have this copy in the house for a few weeks; huge thanks to Mr Powell, and to Victoria Mason, who took the photos.

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  1. shazad usghar says:

    Ian please call me bookready. 07342136132

  2. Janet Cooper says:

    Dear Mr Marchant
    Re: A Month in The Country

    In my first edition of the book there is a hand – written note from the author in which he states that “the last twenty pages (were) hammered out in that high meadow……”. If you would like to see the full inscription please contact me.
    Janet Cooper

  3. Keith says:

    Hi Ian, any news on the new book?

  4. Elizabeth Freestone says:

    Dear Ian,
    I wonder if you could contact us at Pentabus when you get a chance. We’d like to run something past you. All contact details on our website.

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