760×151, your teeth are like stars, roger kite philosophy presteigne

I’m just coming up to a year of posting stuff (occasionally intermittantly, I admit); and in a week or so I’m over to Perry’s for a bit of a web-site zhoosh up, so the thing should be slightly different come the New Year, with dozens of exciting new features.

Looking through the most popular search terms that brought people here, apart from the fairly obvious ‘Ian Marchant’, there are three that stand out above all the others. These are (as you may have guessed) ‘760×151 pixels’, ‘your teeth are like stars they come out at night’, and ‘Roger Kite philosophy Presteigne’. I am happy to be able to help with the latter, at least. Although I’m sure Prof. Kite wouldn’t thank me for giving out his phone number, I am glad to say that as Head of Philosophy at the Free University of Radnorshire, he can be contacted via our headquarters, which is in Elda’s Colombian Coffee House, High Street, Presteigne. If you are not lucky enough to find Prof. Kite there, Elda will be happy to pass on any requests.

But what are the ‘Your teeth are like stars, they come out at night’ gang after?  It’s an old joke, like ‘Your eyes are like pools, – football pools’. What are you trying to discover? Who said it first? Who wrote it?A 100+ people came across this blog looking for answers to… what?

Should any of you ever find the answer that you are looking for, please leave any information here; let this blog become a repository for information about this clearly very well-loved old gag.

As for the 250+ people who arrived here looking for ‘760×151 pixels’; could one of you please let us know why you’re after this particular configuration. Is it your lucky size? Is it like the Golden Mean or something? Are there pictures of that exact size lurking about on my blog? What are they? You may have come here looking for answers, only to find questions, which might be annoying unless you’re an actual Zen Monk, but I beg thee, before you hurry on your way on your quest for just the right sized photo, for whatever arcane purpose you might have, illuminate the rest of us.

4 Responses

  1. Graham says:

    Big Stu says hi.
    So does I.

  2. Deirdre says:

    It’s probably the size of the banner on your blog. People might be searching for images of the right size for their own blogs. ‘your teeth are like stars’ was probably me – it’s a very funny line!

  3. Graham says:

    Strangely enough Ian, I am occasionally to be found in a slightly mathematical bent. If you multiply 151 by 760, you get the sum of 114760, which is only one digit away from the original integers. Rather like Eric Morecambe’s piano playing skills, they are the (almost) correct numbers, but not in quite the right order.

    Also, in the next alternative universe but one, the speed of light computes to 114760 kites per secondhand. This has severe consequences for those who do not eat their greens on a regular basis. A clear colon is a happy colon, Ian, and we’d all do well to remember that fact. Ciao, baby. x

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