Climate Change Sceptics Right!

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  1. Graham says:

    Oh dear Ian. I’ve never been convinced by the ACC industry, even though I religiously read the New Scientist every week. Young fast and scientific, you know me. And no-one pushes it harder than they do. It’s just that every single article about global warming includes too many qualifiers. If my company accounts contained as many ‘coulds’ ‘maybes’ ‘ifs’ and ‘possibly’s’, accompanied by as many distorted figures and ommissions as the GW publicity does, I’d be disqualified from running a company tomorrow.
    And an interview I read by Jim Lovelock in the NS contained IN THE SAME paragraph, his prediction that South East England would be under water within our lifetimes accompanied by a slightly gloating prediction that Londoners would have to ‘brace themselves’ for more immigration by ‘climate refugees’. Refugee dolphins, perhaps Jim? It might fluff up Lovelock’s liberal anti-racist credentials, but it left anyone who can read a map quite confused and sceptical.
    When we were at school, I clearly remember reading that the planet was still coming out of the geologically recent ice-age, a mere ten thousand year ago. Meaning that the natural cycles of solar radiation and planetary orbits would be having an effect for quite some time to come. There were even many warnings by serious, unbiase scientists that we could well see the return of said ice ages any time soon. And if the most believable record of temperature change shows an average increase of less than 0.7C over a century, accompanied by a slight cooling over the last decade, I’d say the best thing to do is not let Brown chuck even more of our money at a problem that may not even be a problem. And that’s a major part of the problem. Can you really believe anything that the likes of Brown, Miliband and Benn have to say about anything at all? When they’ve proved themselves comprehensively wrong and dishonest on pretty well every single thing that they’ve ever done?
    It seems to be the last refuge of those who saw socialism prove itself irrelevant in the 80’s and the implicated casualties of Nu-Labor’s slow suicide over the last decade who are tagging on the coat tails of the climate change gravy train now. And if you can throw in the usual splashes of anti-capitalism and anti-Americanism as well as jizzing yourself up over the latest chance to smash a few bankers’ windows AND pander to the hypocritical wankfest that is Copenhagen, well so much the better. That’s the trouble when politicians hijack science.
    As you may have guessed I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one, particularly as it’s been chucking it down with snow outside all evening. (cheap I know, but that’s my shallowness for you.)
    They may indeed be wrong, but I don’t take kindly to being called a Flat Earther by a man who’s fucked a whole country.
    That’s my contribution Ian.

    PS funnily enough I’ve just finished reading a book on this very subject. CHILL by Peter Taylor. (9 781905 570195) I recommend it.

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