Washday Blues

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  1. Ian Marchant says:

    Yes yres yes… I’m good thanks Bee. And how the hell are you?

  2. beerobertson says:

    I said, how the fuck are you? Hello, are you there….this interweb doesn’t seem to be working????

  3. beerobertson says:

    Don’t know if you remember me….it’s Bee (as in Bee and Joe, sound engineers from the bar tent Sheep Music 2005-2007)….how the fuck are you? Hope to see you on the ice soon x x x

  4. Dan says:

    the good thing about ‘drettes as far as I’m concerned is the limited range of wash cycle choices the machines offer. The domestic machine we now have at home is much more complicated – with the inevitable result that when I try to use it the chances of getting the wrong setting is high. This annoys my partner – and she castigates me for wrecking her clothes if they are in such a wash. As a result she does more of the control setting than I do – but you can see how this is setting back the feminist cause.

  5. Chrissie says:

    Hi Ian.

    As you know, I’m a poet. I have a minature washing machine.

  6. Graham says:

    They don’t, but they’re a cracking good way of dealing with scrofula. And they’re reasonably good places to begin, but not end, a night’s drinking. It’s the temptation of the tumble dryers, you see. Terrible places to sleep.

  7. Helen Morris says:

    Do launderettes cure hangovers?

  8. Richard says:

    In Switzerland, where everything’s perfect, each building has a washroom in the basement. Your flat gets allocated a day, and that’s the day you do your washing. Organisation. Order. Ever heard of a Swiss Blues singer? Now you know why.

  9. Graham says:

    Obviously that should have been ‘neuroticism’ with a ‘u’. Me and Jane, we had so much common ground…

  10. Graham says:

    Ian, if capitalism ever dies, one of the first and the finest things we will lose will be the friendly neighbourhood launderette. I spent many a happy hour sitting in the Launderette up St James’s Street when I ran a restaurant in the Lanes. I found it very relaxing and therapeutic. But if the weather was good I’d go and sit on the beach for an hour or so. Thousands of people wanted to know that, didn’t they?
    I saw Rikki yesterday. Rikki says Hi! I saw Jane G. too. Remember her? She said you hated her because she was neurotic. She used to sit on my pelvis when we were at school. How can you worry about raging neoroticism when a girl’s willing to sit on your pelvis?

  11. Bernie Bell says:

    Hello Ian
    I just read your blog. (I don’t know why, I just thought I’d check on what you’re doing and how you are.) Comment on the Washday Blues is…..
    “Man was made for bliss and woe,
    And if this we rightly know,
    Through the world we safely go”.
    William Blake
    That’s the top and bottom of it, as my Mum used to say.
    I then scrolled down, and read about when you ‘woke up’, or whatever you want to call the moment when you realised that all are one and one is all (like it or not, that’s Led Zeppelin!)
    You’ve got it Ian, it’s not madness, it’s clarity. Science expands to include this clarity.
    Again, that’s the top and bottom of it.
    And, finally, just to assuage my curiosity, did you ever get those feckin’ photos?
    “Cheer up, you old bugger, or I’ll take your teeth away!
    ‘Always look on the Bright side of Life’ – Monty Python people.
    Take it easy
    Bernie Bell

  12. paul says:

    I was threatened with a knife in a Brighton laundrette one time. Happy days!

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