Caught Red Handed

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  1. robert hagan says:

    I’d say you were spot on to comment on the kerbstones. It’s something poople in the North become blind to but which tsands out a mile to visitors

  2. Ian Marchant says:

    Nice point. For those wishing for a non-sectarian fish and chip shop experience in NI, you could much worse than ‘For Cod and Ulster’

  3. SelvaOscura says:

    The curbstones might be the first thing YOU notice; but I think it’s possible that the local population, of whatever political/religious persuasion, might be more keen on getting to the magnificent fish and chips. It seems a shame to continue to describe NI according to the old stereotypes, which a large majority of the population are doing their best to move away from; live and let live (street decor notwithstanding) is often the order of the day.
    Your post avoided the stereotypes brilliantly until the last paragraph, and I just think it would be a shame if any of your readers, who had been having their former views challenged, ended up thinking they’d been right all along, and that NI is somewhere best avoided. Still, the negative opinions do keep the hordes of tourists away, and the house prices down, so it’s not all bad…………………..

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