Coming Round The Mountain

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12 Responses

  1. Try a bigger circle, Ian.

  2. Four stones? Surely that would be a quadrangle rather than a circle? Just a thought, Ian, just a musing.
    love to you.

  3. Ian Marchant says:

    Graham Southgate, will you please stop changing your identity? We all know it’s you, and lots of us read your top blog on Newhaven life, But every time you change identity, you force me to approve or unapprove you. and you know I approve of you lots.

  4. Graham says:

    Sorry love, I didn’t realise it was giving you grief. I’ll stay as me from now on.

  5. Dr Doom says:

    Hello Ian, I’d recommend an interesting tome on pilgrimage to Monique:’Pilgrimage in Popular Culture’, Ian Reader and Tony Walter (eds), Macmillan, 1993. As well as interesting chapters on pilgrimage to Graceland, Anfield, Santiago de Compostela, Shikoku and Flanders and the Somme, among others, there’s an interesting introduction on the motivations of contemporary pilgrims and the meanings imputed in their journey and its object.

  6. Alex Ramsay says:

    Have just discovered your site, Ian – what joy. Have done no work at all for an hour

  7. Dan says:

    Hello Ian – have you not updated this blog since the end of March? What’s up better weather or something keepng yuo away from the ‘puter screen?

  8. I can’t belive you’ve left this for a month; in bed I’d guess?

  9. Graham says:

    Probably studying porn. I know you, Marchant!

  10. Rai Jenkins says:

    Hey you, Can’t wait for your next installment?

  11. rich.o.r says:

    oh yes, i need to link it so others can look too.

  12. Ian, great to read your blogs and stuff. The last pilgrimage I made was to Arvon, Totleigh, where we met – you in charge and me permanently “seeking the spirit” of the occasion. Or “attempting to remain pissed” as it were, in modern day vernacular. Still have nothing published under my own name but have a rather attractive collection of liver spots and rejection slips to keep me going through it all. Arvon was a triumph – a moment lost in time now since you’ve gone. As sacred as any foreign lump of rock I guess. Or basin in Radnor. Or indeed a study in Stourport from which I have free reign to write and a doorstep drink discount store that gives me free reign to enhance the wealth of our Mulsim cousins. Shall buy your new book as soon as it’s out as long as you promise to buy mine when it’s out too. There’s a promise you can make without breaking! Miss those Totleigh barn nights, the talks and the “stuff”. Best nights of my life…

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