Middle England – an entirely unscientific poll

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  1. Ian Marchant says:

    I shouldn’t omit going past the Hawthorns (superior team, but less spirit of the Blitz), because if you don’t time it right on your way home on match nights you can be stuck there for hours. The M6 south one I should try, but I dread being stuck in the traffic at the m5 M6 junction.
    As to the New Party… I can understand why people might wish to defend some of the good stuff they’ve done (people talk about Sure Start, don’t they?) I can understand why people still hate the Tories, and dread them getting their claws back on the levers of power. What I can’t understand is why people have forgiven them for the wars. For that reason, I feel it is morally incumbent on us to vote them out.

  2. Ian, you’ve covered the last 50% of my Llanddewi – home journey from the late 70’s here & also what I’ve subsequently found to be my family’s earlier journey from the farm to the factory – it’s a nice drive, you omit the passing of the home of the superior Albion, but I can understand why. I think what you and many others have missed, is that those who are happy(ish) with ‘the New Party’ don’t feel obliged to promote their desire for things to be left as they are. Change for change’s sake is never a good idea & imagining the shit we’d all be in now if we’d had another government for the last two years just doesn’t bear the thought. BTW for Perry Barr, you’re often best going round to the first junction on the M6 south, unless of course you’re after the best food in Britain.

  3. pete barnes says:

    several years ago, when the blood-lusty gentry were campaigning for the right to kill with their Countryside Alliance, they quoted churchill with the slogan ‘never underestimate the power of a minority.’ i was driving near kendal and passed the entrance to a large estate where this appeared as one of those long plasticky banners over the wall by the large gated entrance to the drive. underneath the banner, just off the road were about a dozen travellers’ caravans, presumably stopping off on the way to the appleby horse fair. all subsequent sightings of (un-defaced) political posters lack any such enjoyably subtle irony.

  4. Mathew Frost says:

    It’s a beautiful drive until you realise you’re driving to Perry Barr. Then you just get filled with disappointment and regret that you’re driving to Perry Barr.

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