Moped Lads

I’m not sure that I’m supposed to give away what future shows in the Radio Four series ‘The Completists‘ are actually about… but here’s some oblique clues as to the subject of the next episode…

I used to ride one of these babies myself you know, to no great effect, I’m told by my friends…

First off, here’s Croydon’s Johnny Moped duetting with his wife outside a pub, performing perhaps his greatest contribution to the world of song.

Then you have Kirsty MacColl and Billy Bragg duetting on the same song, perhaps slightly more effectively.

And finally, Peter and the Test Tube Babies singing their anthem to the joys of mopedding. There are other clips available online which don’t feature someone else halfway through; but this is the only clip of them performing the song that I could find with my beloved brother Trapper on bass duties. Enjoy!

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