On the road again

Sadly, I won’t be able to watch tonight’s final Prime Ministerial debate, as I’m doing a Your Dad gig in Lancaster. And then I’m going to spend the night hanging out at Killington Lake services for my new book. Which endangers my daily election blog project. So here’s a mere placemarker, as it were.

Lots of ‘liberal’ big beasts like Jeannette Winterson and Richard Dawkins have signed a letter to today’s Guardian in support of the Lib Dems. I thought you might enjoy looking at links to political parties who are very much against Cleggy’s boys…

such as The Liberal Party

and the SDP

Back tomorrow, full of service station doughnuts…

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  1. Richard says:

    If you didn’t see it I better tell you how it was.

    David Cameron has no lines on his face. He’s one year older than me, and my face is a wreck. I find geologists clambering out of my frown. So how did he get to be the age he is without ever worrying? Something is very wrong.

    Clegg has good hair.

    And Brown is left lurking as the big beast. It was Ken Clarke who was the first to be called a BB, and for the same reason. Thirteen years counting the money in meetings with world leaders bulks a person up.

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