Sometime Around Midnight.

Today, I’m sitting around thinking about time. In our day, of course, time fell wanking to the floor, but was nevertheless on our side. Now it seems to gallop by. In horse racing terms, we are coming round Tattenham Corner, and thinking about cracking the whip.

This rather fabulous song by The Airborne Toxic Event seemed appropriate, what with me sitting here thinking about time and that; and this weekend’s ‘Completists’ being about time, (in a way), and my now only 11 months away book being about the night and all.

It’s just a flimsy excuse to post the song, really. I’ve started linking to Spotify; if you haven’t got a Spotify account already, you are bonkers, and have wasted your life.  You should get one at once. There’s a free version which plays an advert every fifteen minutes which a good place to start. But I pay a fiver a month to live without the ads; and also because the model won’t work without subscribers. It is worth every penny.

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  1. Bob says:

    I like Spotify in principle, but in practice I struggle to love anything I listen to that way. Too much choice, too little effort. When I can listen to anything, I don’t want to listen to anything…

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