Lick Spittle

After my close-ish shave with Hazel Blears earlier this year, (blogs passim), I was slightly concerned when I felt an almost infinitesimal but nonetheless discernable increase in my levels of respect for her. Her resignation from the cabinet on the eve of the recent elections showed, I felt, an honest acceptance of the fact that the New (Labour) party face another ten years in the electoral wilderness, (if they’re lucky) and that the sooner we all accept this, the sooner the Left can start either reforming and reorganising, or getting behind the Greens.

Blears’ craven recantation today shows how wrong I was. Power, it seems, is still the thing, at any cost. I was reminded of seeing the late great Kevin Coyne on The Whistle Test singing ‘Good Boy’, way back in the day. I couldn’t find the clip, where Coyne displayed something of the disgust I feel for our masters, by actually spitting while he sang; but here’s the song, as powerful as ever, and the second song I’ve dedicated to Ms Blears this year.

The Tories are ready to step into the vacuum left by the failures and betrayals of the New Party, and represent all we need by way of centre right parties, thank you very much. I’m hardly worried by Cameron and his mates at all. After all, compare how many people Thatcher killed during the Falklands conflict (about 1000) with the 150 000+ people that Blairbrown have totalled. And I’m not concerned that the ruling classes take money off me to maintain their moats. My family have been expoited by these people for the best part of a thousand years. We expect to pay for their moats. We’re used to it. No, what I object to is the New Party taking my money so that they can have a wank.

Last night on Any Questions, Frank Field (hired by Blair in 1997 to ‘think the unthinkable’ and sacked a year later for doing just that) said that this is a good time to be radical, and so it is. Let the Tories get on with fucking over this once great nation, and let the New Party go away, again. Only this time don’t come back until you’ve come up with something more radical, equitable, and peaceable than Thatcher Lite plus Illegal Wars. But it might take a very long time. Your movement is dead. And you killed it.

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  1. Graham says:

    How extraordinary. You could almost be fooled, by reading the last line of my little comment above, that I was trying to impersonate you Ian. Because I wrote ‘Love and best wishes, Ian’, as though the love and best wishes were from you. Whereas they were obviously my salutations from me to you. I’m glad that I’ve cleared that awful bit of confusion up. There was a man in my shop today who was the spitting image of Nick Lowe. I told him that a food shop is not the best place to spit. He understood. But he wasn’t Nick Lowe.

  2. Ian Marchant says:

    i think that we have to reconcile ourselves to looking forward to the Tories, don’t you? What’s necessary, it seems to me, is that Labour understand what has happened and act on it; that they come up with some real ‘collective’ ideas, as opposed to the individualist ones they nicked off the Tories.
    I hesitate to say that I think there’s a third way between individualism and state collectivism, given the horrible history of ‘The Third Way’; but I do. Green politics are about empowering communities; collectivist if you like, but small enough that individuals have a real say in what happens to those communities. Our system is still adversarial (that’s why the Tories will get in; because no one else can), so it might seem that there is still just this two stark choices between the dear old Tories (who will, at least, abolish the id card scheme) and a bankrupt and exhausted Labour party. But at the next election, The Greens stand a very good chance of having at least one MP elected; Caroline Lucas in Brighton Kemp Town. As an ex-Brighton Green Party member, I for one will be chuffed to bits.
    One last thing; the BNP are nothing if not collectivist… see the woman whose clip I posted on ‘Blood and Soil’.

  3. Dan says:

    Yeah but your tally is abit limited – you can’t just leave it to wars – think of all the deaths that happened under the tory regime through underfunded NHS – winter cold deaths of old people etc – make no mistake the outcome of the next election will make a real difference – and not just to squaddies and people living over seas. The problem is there are only two ways to run society – individualism and collectivism – the only party that can get anywhere near being vaguely collectivist, and vaguley able to actually win an election here and be in power of anything – is Labour – you have to vote for them or look forward to the Tories. It’s a tough choice, but then not such a tough choice….

  4. Graham says:

    And so did the fools who voted (and will vote again) for them. And when they return from the wilderness where they so rightly belong, they’ll fuck the country over yet again and bankrupt us yet again. The endless destructive cycle of socialism.
    And the Americans have now got a sharp and probably very painful learning curve coming too. We’ve just seen the results of the working man’s party’s contempt for the country. BNP? Labour Lite? Emperor’s new clothes? Cynical and pissed off? Me? Any more questions?
    Love and best wishes, Ian.

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