If it's Sunday Night, it's still music night here on Radio Free Radnorshire

Well, after my protracted period of silence, here I am with blog three in five days. I’m on fire baby.

And since it is, after all, Sunday night, I return to my slight habit of posting a few music links for your delectation/annoyance. Five songs, in reducing order of hipness…

First up, just so that you might suspect I’m even slightly hip, ‘Faking The Books’ by German electro-poppers Lali Puna.

Next, ‘Never Forget You’ by (The) Noisettes. Such a great record, but marred in my view by this whole question of the definite article. I’ve been talking with friends about my theory that bands are always better with a nice ‘The’ in front of their name; and I’ve been citing this stormer as an example. Now I see that there is no ‘The’ in front of Noisettes. I am very upset, quite frankly. It could have been one of the great band names of all time, but they bottled it at the last.

I’ve loved hearing ‘Make it Mine’ by Jason Mraz on the radio; here’s a corking live version from earlier this year.

But why does it remind me of Brian Protheroe’s classic ‘Pinball‘? Not sure, but it does, somehow.

‘Pinball’ was on the first ‘Guilty Pleasures’ compilation, but I can’t see why. I think it a tremendous, atmospheric record, one which I bought at the time, and nothing to be guilty about at all… unlike this. So guilty am I about liking this record that I can’t even quite bear to write it’s title. And the video is the dullest thing you’ll ever see.  But at least I’ve shared my guilt with you. Thank you for being there.

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  1. Lucy says:

    Hi Ian, I was looking for a reference to something of the night when I found myself here! Next time you’re walking on the Downs, have a listen to Brighton’s finest http://www.myspace/fourloversmusic

  2. Graham says:

    Re whatever. I wasn’t there. Oh no. I clicked on the link, saw the name of the singer, saw the words ‘sunset on the Isle of Wight’ and then I shit my pants. Thanks, mate.

  3. Ian Marchant says:

    Back in 1997, or maybe 1996, Charlie and I were watching Top of the Pops together. It was the time of the first Sex Pistols revival. Time had been cruel on the lads (Glen Matlock looked the best, by a strange irony), and their 19777 era costumes looked ridiculous. They were like too much sausage meat crammed into too small skins, even if the skins were designed by Vivienne Westwood.
    I said to Charlie, ‘They look like your dad if he wore his clothes from 20 years ago… my God! Your Dad… what a great name for a band.’ And so it came to pass.

  4. Dru says:

    The power of a name. This is how That Dog got their name

    “I was driving with a friend one night and we say this dog at the side of the road that had been run over and flattened and I started to shiver,” says Anna, remembering the divine (or demonic) inspiration behind the band. “She asked what was wrong and I said, That dog! That dog! And she said, Hey that would be a great band name! And I said, Yeah – let’s start a band.”

  5. Ian Marchant says:

    Rilly? You surprise me. I can see how the last one might be a bit much…

  6. Paul Williams says:

    Cancel my subscription; all horrible!

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