Monthly Archive: June 2009

Stoned man finds God shock. 17

Stoned man finds God shock.

I’ve been looking through some old stuff, and I found this little bit from what was part of my notes for The Fool’s Errand, which is my answer to ‘Smile’ or ‘The Teenage Opera’ ...

Lick Spittle 4

Lick Spittle

After my close-ish shave with Hazel Blears earlier this year, (blogs passim), I was slightly concerned when I felt an almost infinitesimal but nonetheless discernable increase in my levels of respect for her. Her...

Blood and Soil 8

Blood and Soil

Hello to those that are left of my readers. I’m sorry I haven’t posted for a long time, but I’ve been in the midst of some important events in my life; events about which...