That’s what being an enthusiast is all about

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  1. Fisher says:

    I had completely forgotten that incident, I was one of the crew holding the tiller at the other end of the boat & being lulled by the chug of the engine and weird sounds in that tunnel….

  2. I know someone who did it in the cinema when he was watching the Three Musketeers. He never would admit whether it was Racquel Welch or Richard Chamberlain who ‘did it’ for him. Though I always recall that Roy Kinnear had a certain charm…

  3. Richard says:

    I initially feared that this post might start a lively series of replies on the theme of unlikely places IM Blog readers have ‘cracked one off’. But I’m relieved to see such a smutty response has been resisted. The internet is not now, and will never be, the place for filth of this nature.

  4. That’s easier now, isn’t Ian? Anything else that we can coax out of you?
    I feel quite betrayed actually, because of the number of times I’ve said “He isn’t, you know”. And all the time you were!
    Chin chin.

  5. It’s Cider With Rosie Palm and her five daughters.

    This awful pun was bought to you by me.

    ps tried to tune into your show last night and it took me a while to figure out that it was just an radio show in embryo. Ah well!

  6. ‘Paging Dr Freud!…’

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