It’s only just beginning

St. Michael the dragon slayer

This morning, just after 12, the news reached Elda’s Colombian Coffee House, High Street, Presteigne, that our local MP, loathsome Tory fraudster Chris Davies, had lost his seat in a recall petition. He’s upset about it; after all, all he did was fiddle his expenses.

There is to be a by-election here. No one is certain when. The convention, established under Labour, is that by-elections are called as soon as possible after the seat becomes vacant. But, incredibly, the actual date of the election is in the hands of the corrupt and morally bankrupt Tory government. Let’s hope, however, that it’s soon.

Chris Davies has apparently been selected by the local Conservatives to stand again, which boggles the mind. This arrived in our letter box this morning – ‘Chris Davies Reporting Back’

He proudly lists his main achievement as ‘attending events in every community in Brecon and Radnor.’ in four years. It’s pathetic, is what it is. Little man syndrome.

This is a really important election at this time. The Tories must be defeated. Given that their candidate is a convicted fraudster who 1 in 5 of the electorate have asked nicely to fuck off, you would imagine he’s in for a tonking. It will be a test of Mr A. B. Johnson’s leadership, a test which we must make sure he fails. It could change the course of Brexit. The Goverment could fall. Everyone will turn up, if they can find it on their phones.

I’m a Remainer, so Brexit is my top priority in this by-election, because Brexit is a right-wing coup which must be stopped. If you doubt that, see what else came slithering through the letterbox this morning, like a slug trying to squeeze through the cracks on a rainy day.

Yes indeed. Not the Brexit Party, you note, but EFD squared, ‘Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy’ led by Mr Nigel Farridge, who you can see in the picture of the top of this post being skewered by St Michael, the patron saint of Radnorshire. They’ve used the same colour as for the Brexit Party, you’ll notice. Turquoise? Teal? Eau de Nile? What evs, its clearly Mr Farridge’s favourite. It’s Mr Farridge’s group in the democratically elected European Parliament, which includes the Brexis, the far right German party AfD, and Italy’s 5 Star Movement. There’s a picture of him on the other side, spouting dangerous power-crazed shite, but you don’t want to see that.

What Farridge wants is more ‘direct democracy.’ There is no place for that in the UK’s unwritten constitution. Who are ‘the people’ to whose ‘will’ we are supposedly subject? He must be stopped, above all. These are the worst people in the world, and they are coming to our quiet part of the world. We might need help.

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