It’s 5 O clock! Let’s make history!

It’s five o clock, and the petition to remove the Brecon and Radnorshire MP Chris Davies is now closed,

The count starts at 10am tomorrow (Friday 21st) and the result will be known by the afternoon.

It’s not often the tides of history rise so high that they come anywhere close to the Great Green Desert of Wales; but it looks like they just might be about to.

The petition might not have attracted the 5300 votes it needs to remove Davies from office, though I’d be surprised. More likely is that there might be a general election before the by-election can be arranged here.

Still a lot of mights and maybes. If it happens, I’ll try and blog everyday during the by-election campaign, and put I’ll put some voice stuff on Radio Free Radnorshire too.

Of course, in every respect I’ll be completely neutral.

Kick out the Tories.

Bollocks to Brexit.

Revoke Article 50.

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