Still ill…

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  1. Graham says:

    Hello Ian darling,
    all best wishes to you and yours, and I hope you’re all recovered and well and blooming and happy. Funnily enough, Stu keeps asking me if you’ve finished your new book yet and I keep telling him that I really don’t know, you never write, you never phone, nobody knows where you are or what time you get in at night, but congratulations and I’ll be getting my freshly laundered hands on a copy as soon as…
    I remember calling round for you once when you’d been taken with a migraine. Ooh-er you did look poorly. You were in a darkened room and your mum whispered that I wasn’t to stay long. I think you might have very politely told me to fuck off, you didn’t feel well. See folks! He’s genuine with his illness!
    Well once again, all the best, congratulations on the book, the wedding (hi beloved! Hilary isn’t it? Sorry if not but I’m crap with names), the new website, the acquisition of stepchildren,- your mum & Ralph were in yesterday and they’re chuffed about having step grandchildren-,and well, everything. Get well soon, I’d say.

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