A Load of Sunday Night Night Music

One of the things I like about writing non-fiction is that it is easier to deal with coincidences than it is when you’re writing fiction. Coincidence does exist in fiction, of course, but you need to be a master to make it seem entirely credible… and, er… well, anyway, I like writing non-fiction.

So, I was reading through the manuscript of my recently completed new book ‘Something of the Night’ today, while Spotify played away in the background; and, by an admittedly not terribly startling coincidence, it played a few songs about the night. So, I thought I’d use this randomish process as a way of picking a few songs for the occassional Radio Free Radnorshire Sunday Night Music show.

Spotify played me this early Springsteen number, and I remembered how much I used to love Bruce, and admitted to myself that I still do really.

Then it played this from Stars, one of the innumerable fantastic Canadian bands who seem to abound at the moment, and who seem to have a fair few great songs about the night, as perhaps being called Stars might suggest..

And then this lovely thing, in a Gilberto/Getz version I’ve never heard before… an alternative take, I think. I have to say that this seems particularly appropriate, since it really is a quiet night of quiet stars in Radnorshire this evening, which is quite special enough, even if the view isn’t of Corcovado.

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  1. Ian Marchant says:

    Oh, I’d not heard this before. Nice call. Perhaps he could do the theme music for the film…

  2. Michael Alexander says:

    Spotify also gave me occasion to think of your new book the other day. It shuffled to Ludovico Einaudi’s ‘Nightbook’. Very appropriate for you, I think.

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