Quiz, home and away.

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9 Responses

  1. Richard says:

    That’s lovely, that is.

  2. Michael Alexander says:

    Do you ever watch Only Connect? That makes for a good quiz, that one.

  3. Ian Marchant says:

    Er… we do, I’m afraid.

  4. Hilary Marchant says:

    only I tend to spot the connections sooner

  5. Michael Alexander says:

    I’ll leave the connection rounds to folk who actually know their beans, but I will challenge anyone on missing vowels…

  6. Jennifer Buller says:

    No Alzheimer’s for you lot 😉

  7. Ian Marchant says:

    No, perhaps not. But a Home of some kind, I’d imagine.

  8. Hilary Marchant says:

    lest we sound too smug, I should point out that our regular Monday night fix of University Challenge failed to record on to the DVD tonight, and neither of our brains has the remotest idea why…..

  9. Nick Tozer says:

    Hi Ian,

    just read ‘The Longest Crawl’, cracking book, couldnt put it down! I work as a firefighter in Oxford and I’m organising our 2nd annual Firefighters Charity Quiz if you’re interested. Had a turnout of about 60 last year, hoping to improve on it this year. It’s not until September 22nd but thought I’d give you a bit of notice, get your head in the books etc…….

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