Kick out Your Dad, Mother figure.

14 years ago this very night I met my legendary partner in crime Christopher Charles Ambler in the bar of The Yorkshire House in Lancaster. He came up to me and said,

‘You’re the only man in Lancaster who can sing Middle of the Road properly. Do you want to do some gigs?’

Who could resist such a tempting offer? Certainly not me.  And so we set before the public our smorgasbord of knowing loungecore musical re-invention, subversive situationist happening and weak-minded childish smut, and have continued to do so to a select coterie over the last decade and a half.

Now we have discovered ‘the interweb’, and have decided to  put ourselves up for scrutiny before a wider public. We are at last, we have decided, truly old enough to live up to our name.

To begin,  I have put up a Your Dad tag at the top of my main page, and take great pride in making these two clips off You Tube and two cuttings from the National Press easily available and gathered unto one place for the first time in our increasingly long career. As you read this, I’m trying to learn how to ‘rip’ CD’s, so that at some point I can post a selection of songs from our Las Vegas Comeback Show in 2006, and I bet I learn how to do it quite soon.

Most excitingly, however, we have made a ‘pop video’. Chas is editing it over the next week.  It features a first venture into what, until now, has been a sadly neglected medium for Your Dad, namely, ‘rapping.’

As soon as we are ready to go, I’ll post again… but, until then, please enjoy the old clips. Up there. Very top of the page. To your right. Under the Your Dad tag. Yes, that’s it…

7 Responses

  1. Chas Ambler says:

    One thing about having a writer for a mate – your past is continually changing.

  2. Ian Marchant says:

    Thank you Des; top links!

  3. Des Meyers says:

    Your site is great.
    Seen Your Dad a couple of times.
    How to make money in politics——
    A great track from the late Michael Smith dub poet, maybe more to Chas’s taste.
    Uncle Augie’s fine.
    Do check the links even if you don’t publish the comment.

  4. Khalilah says:

    Super weblog, I must say i will enjoy posts by you.

  5. Chas Ambler says:

    It says my comment is awaiting moderation. It’ll have to wait a fuck of a long time, Mother hubbards.

  6. Chas Ambler says:

    I remember the car but who’s the bloke on the left? I meant to say

  7. Chas Ambler says:

    I remember the car – but whose the bloke on the left?

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