Sod The Lot

At the start of the election, I decided to blog something every day. And somehow, I’ve managed it, thus far. And most days I’ve managed to get riled up enough to have something to say. But for some reason, every Sunday I get filled with indifference. The sight of puir wee Gordon being smuggled between various safe houses in London, or Dave n’ Sam looking all tanned and windswept and yummily middle class in Cornwall fails to raise my temperature.

Sunday night therefore remains music night here on Radio Free Radnorshire, and tonight we’re hosting a P.F. Sloan special.

There’s The Turtles

and Johnny Rivers

and this Pogues rarity, because we might be. On The Eve of Destruction, that is.

I thenk yew.

3 Responses

  1. Mathew Frost says:

    Ah The Turtles. When it comes Sam Cameron, I know she’d rather be with me

  2. Ian Marchant says:

    Love the Johnny Rivers. I’d vote for him as PM anytime…

  3. bob says:

    Secret Asian Man is great, but ‘Poor Side of Town’ is the ne plus ultra of the Rivers oeuvre, IMO. Worked on it a lot with Eamonn over the last couple of years – we should do it one day Ian…
    On PF Sloan, I guess you know this?

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