Hang ’em all

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  1. I share your pessimism Ian.

    And as for ‘Still, at least the Real Tories will look after their own’ – for the rest of us – the following helped get me through the last time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7aaynDhaVc&feature=related

  2. pete barnes says:

    talked to all the candidates in carlisle – labour depressing with nothing to offer except they have the only chance of stopping the tories taking the seat. tories left me shaking with rage at their evil, patronising vacuity. far more objectional than the bnp who seemed honest about their deluded and objectionable views and were prepared to treat my criticisms of them with respect. i’ve voted green (postal vote,i’m presiding officer for portinscale on the day) but worry about letting the tories in -should that happen, then i’l just need to spend the next few years out in the country watching birds who, wisely, refuse to be troubled by our petty concerns or misled by the foul media and concentrate only on life’s essentials.

  3. Larry White says:

    There is still pop music, and thanks for reminding me (however vaguely!) of the Trade Winds. Here’s a link to a lesser known young talent named Tamarind, whom I felt impelled to invoke for “more uplifting”:

  4. Graham says:

    An observation Ian, based on a very unscientific method called chatting with the customers. I see about 350-450 people in my shop most days and try to converse with at least some of them. It’s a cunning Capitalist ploy that boosts trade. Anyway an impression I get is that once upon a time people didn’t vote Lib Dem because they didn’t really know what they stood for. Now that’s why they do intend voting yellow. Crazy old world, hey? Chin chin!

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