Why Holywood Matters

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  1. markswill says:

    Lady Sylvia I know little of (or indeed nothing of, apart from wot you just writ), but Ted Heath I still think fondly of. He was a sailor you know. Yachted with some of my public schoolboy muckers and loved to wear a nice nautical ensemble. Accepted £35,000 in the guise of the Charlemagne Prize for taking us into Europe after he signed the Treaty of Rome, which I bet was worth of lot of choirboys in them days. Good value i’d say, since we all love being in the EU so much.

  1. May 3, 2010

    […] But I’ve also been dickering around on political betting sites. There are lots, and in previous elections, they have been a more accurate pointer towards the result than the polls. The spread is beginning to point to a very narrow majority for the Tories. But look at this site; FiveThirtyEight. This is an American site which does very well at predicting US elections, and has taken a particular interest in the UK election this time around. It makes fascinating reading. And one scenario has Cameron getting the most seats,  refusing to go into coalition with the Lib Dems, and trying to form a minority administration. Which means that he could well be highly reliant on the Ulster parties, as I’ve already argued elsewhere on my blog. […]

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