Kemptown Lady

A short blog this evening, as I’m nuts deep in the new book.

It’s not often that I wished I still lived In Brighton… in fact, it’s only at Electiontide. Back in the eighties, after my RCPGB(ML) days, I was for a couple of years an activist in Brighton Green Party. Although we travelled hopefully, it seemed inconceivable at the time that we might actually get an MP elected. But now, they really might. It was good to see the sainted Caroline Lucas on the Andrew Marr show this morning; back in the eighties, we wouldn’t have approved of having such a thing as a leader, but I’m glad we do now, and I’m glad it’s Caroline. Back then, we would never have got on the telly, either.

To any of my readers who are in Brighton Pavilion, and are undecided; please, if only to appease my younger self, vote for Caroline. It’s our best chance ever of beating the first past the post system.

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