Sod it again

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  1. Graham says:

    Cleggy, if he’s a typical Lib Dem would shag his granny if it put him within sniffing distance of power. He’d then tell the left that it was the Tories’ doing, and vice versa with the right.
    And I should imagine that Gordon will have to have his fingernails surgically removed from the doorposts of No 10 however many votes he doesn’t receive.
    I grilled some spare rib pork chops and made a nice compote of courgettes, onion, garlic, asparagus and fresh tomatoes, stewed down lightly in some extra virgin olive oil and strewn with a generous handful of fines herbes. But then I would.
    Oh, and I told my friends Mahir, Taslim, Fatah, Gerhardt and Gianni about how I scored in your online ‘undecided’ poll. The general consensus of opinion was ‘Sod it Graham. We think you’re cuddly.’ I stand vindicated.
    Love to you, Ian

  2. markswill says:

    It being the weekend, i find myself sequestered in the People’s Republic of Stoke Newington where Ian might be dismayed to learn that I have seen just the ONE New Party poster, and that next door to my ex-Guardian journo hostess and her builder husband. However I am informed (by them) that this is because Diane Abbott (about whom we have had brief, if heated exchanges), is the safely seated incumbent. The steady flow of local folk in and out of the house this past 48 hours revealed much about voting intentions hereabouts: no-one openly admitted they’d be voting for Broon, but all of them said they wouldn’t be hefting Cleggie and certainly not Macaroon into No 10. Q.E.D.

    And all that I showed it to certainly got a salutary smile out of the clever YouTube pastiche of Pulp’s ‘Common People’ which will certainly get up Macaroon’s sneb should he see it, and you may do too:

    And can Ian please tell me where on my dial I might lock to Radio Free Radnorshire as I feel I’m missing some kinda wonderful?

  3. mandy Kaim says:

    mmmm fancy a slice of that rhubarb pie, oh and the blog’s real interesting too.

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