Seems quite simple to me…

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  1. Larry White says:

    Thank yous Ian and James Walford for some (more) memorable tunes, wow!

  2. Ian Marchant says:

    Oh God. please let Augie Meyers new kidney take. I’ll settle for Gordon Brown if you save Augie…

  3. James Walford says:

    Well perhaps the Ethiopians can offer us a comment on the current government:

    Though I’m not entirely sure I agree with their policies on crime:

  4. Des says:

    Looks like Augie and the new kidney are doing well

  5. Ian Marchant says:

    A thousand volts of Holt helping us to find a new electoral system; does it get better?

  6. Victoria says:

    Hear hear.

  7. James Walford says:

    Living in a country where the equivalent of the BNP actually hold the balance of power (The Danish Peoples Party) I still agree…. You either have democracy or you don’t. It’s got lumps in it, but that’s the deal.

    Oh, and re John Holt:

    Made famous by Dr Alimantado and of course Massive Attack:

    And back to John Holt, The Paragons:

  8. Graham says:

    Quite agree there young Ian. Texting this from my mobile device so adopting telegraphese. I do believe that the oxygen of publicity would probably prove quite fatal for our more extreme friends. I think we’d be best off with 1st past the post retained for an upper house & one of the pr options for the ‘commons’. That would satisfy my fusty attachment to tradition whilst also allowing for a more honest representation of the country’s desires. Or they could just make me Honorary Dictator for a while. I promise I’d be good.

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