Monthly Archive: November 2009


Off the Page

As I’m a guest on the Radio Four show ‘Off the Page’ today, it suddenly occured to me that I might, just might, get some increased traffic here, and that first time visitors might...



A correspondant, a noted crime writer, contacted me today re. my Sylvia Plath clerihew, which I recited to him a few years ago, in a taxi up to Lumb Bank after a few beers...


Top Deck, again.

I’ve just been to Norwich to visit Minnie at UEA. Sitting together on the top deck of the No.25 bus, heading into the city, Minnie listed the ways in which students are like primary...


Mandelson the Destroyer

I guess I thought that The New Party might just shut the fuck up for the next few months until they are consigned to the dustbin of history, but no. The First Secretary of...


19 Cannabis Deaths per annum?

According to a table of drug harm accompanying a piece by the excellent Prof. David ‘Nut by name but not by nature’ Nutt in today’s Guardian (and I’m sorry, but this table hasn’t been...

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