White Mansions? Legend of Jesse James? Hello?

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  1. Bernie Bell says:

    No, they haven’t – Thank God!
    Have you come across Thomas Fraser, singing “Over The Rainbow”? He was a crofter on Burra, Shetland Islands. That’ll turn your heart over.

  2. Helen Morris says:

    You’re all so last century.
    I mean – have any of them got the X factor?

  3. Bob Machin says:

    Somewhere between the things you can’t remember and the things you can’t forget…

  4. Graham says:

    I haven’t heard of that stuff. I was talking to man without a dog today. He often says stuff like “give me the Amen Corner anyday”.
    Why, Ian? Why would anyone want to give him the Aman Corner?
    He was once offered the chance to live for six months in East Africa with his sister & her family. He refused because he would the miss the quiz nights at the Hope. Then they stopped the quiz nights at the Hope. Do you remember the Hope? It’s like the Ark but nearer the sea. I think we should be encouraging children to eat more sweets. Especially those coloured with Sunset Yellow. Sunset Yellow’s great. So is benzene.
    Van Der Graaf Generator anyone?

  5. Ian Marchant says:

    All day, a half memory has been growing on me. I think I can now remember Paul buying his Dad White Mansions, and him playing it at least once at Pen Llwyn, our shared house near Lampeter. (it came out in ’78, when my Caravan days were long behind me.)
    How the waters of Lethe do lap at the shores of memory, innit?

  6. Dru says:

    I’d not heard of such things. But I did hear Emmylou Harris the other night, thanks to my goshdurn sleeplessness, on that funny radio show that Bill Bryson does.

    Linking one thing to another, I’m now listening to the Incredible String Band doing The Circle Is Unbroken on Youtube. Ha, that’s better!

  7. Bob Machin says:

    Not Yes, but The The made ‘Hanky Panky’, of course…

  8. Richard says:

    You’d never heard of Tegucigalpa, either. Be very afraid.

  9. Ian Marchant says:

    I remembered Will The Circle… as soon as my head hit the pillow last night. And it is a bit confederate. And I agree re. Clapton. It’s just the never having heard of it that scared me… and the idea that there could be a huge slew of country concept albums out there. Did Yes never make a country album, for example?

  10. Bob Machin says:

    Certainly sound interesting, though I’m personally not naturally drawn to albums featuring various members of the rock country ‘aristocracy’… my heart sinks just a little at the sight of Emmylou’s name on the credits and my interest in Clapton will only be renewed if he starts taking skag again and getting hisb Armani-cladb ass into the sort of two ‘n’ eight that led to the Layla album. Sorry, just the way it is…

    Re country concepts though, are we forgetting ‘Will The Circle Be Unbroken’?

  11. Paul Williams says:

    Err… yes. I’ve heard of and heard White Mansions. In fact I bought it for my dad when it came out in whenever it was.. ’76? At the time I was a bit interested in Waylon Jennings and the Outlaw schtick. I recall it was Paul Gambo Gambacinni reviewing it on whatever the Radio Four’s flagship cultural show was at the time. It was hyped a lot. You were probably at a Caravan gig in Brighton that night?
    I think there’s a version of Tennessee Stud? A lot seemed smooth and creditable but not really the kind of album you boasted about likeing at the time. Also it’s awee bit Confederate isn’t it?Country Concept Album? How about Will the Circle Be Unbroken…?

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